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Dry your clothes the traditional way...

Glider is our very own traditional clothes drying airer that has the required number of pipes as per your requirement to dry your clothes. Glider is made of Stainless Steel pipes and bound by steel square pipes for extra strength and durability. It can be easily fitted on to concrete walls or outside your balcony. Customers like the unique quality of lifting the airer up when hanging clothes and droping it to minimal size when not in use thus saving space and enhancing wall beauty.

What makes our Glider so unique...
  1. Glider is our very own traditional dryer that has steel pipes to dry clothes instead of ropes.
  2. It holds full Load of Laundry, up to 5 kgs per pipe. Better durability when compared to the ropes used for drying.
  3. All pipes are bound by a square steel pipe giving it style and strength.
  4. Uses No Floor Space at all
  5. Easy & Convenient to Use
  6. Number of pipes and size of pipes can be customized as per customer need
  7. Thick Pipes Never Crease Clothes
  8. Clothes Dry Naturally - saving electricity
  9. Perfect for installing In:
    •      >> Outside Balconies
    •      >> Laundry Rooms
    •      >> Over Bathtubs
    •      >> Closet areas/Store Rooms
    •      >> Terrace Wall Sides
    •      >> Corridors/pathway between rooms
  10. Glider can be easily installed on walls or concrete base.
Benefits of Glider Clothes Dryer:

  1. Enhance beauty of your walls with Steel rather than using ropes that are not long lasting.
  2. Steel pipes don't crease clothes the way ropes do.
  3. Looks stylish and strong with drying Space - 3 feet to 40 feet.
  4. Built to last by usage of steel pipes and steel bounds

Product Dimensions and Sizes made as per your choice!

  1. Length of pipes(13mm diameter): 1ft to 7ft (0.75mm thickness) and 1ft to 8ft (1.1mm thickness)
    •      >> W: 14" - 3 Pipes
    •      >> W: 18" - 4 Pipes
    •      >> W: 22" - 5 Pipes
  2. Height - 1.5 inches
  3. Hardware Included:
    •      >> Stainless Steel bound - 1 pair
    •      >> Stainless Steel Pipes: Number, Size and Thickness as per choice
    •      >> SS Fitting Screws and fasteners